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Bike safe boston - Bike Safe Boston: a Boston biking blog, written by a lawyer specializing in bike law

Both are working hard to make bicycling more enjoyable and safe -- building new of other longer-term bike rental options in Boston and Cambridge to choose.

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safe boston bike

Winter is the worst time of year to be on a bicycle. It is dark and cold.

safe boston bike

Road salt eats into your gear. Slippery surfaces call for slower speeds, and blasts of freezing wind can nearly stop you in your tracks.

Honoring Meng Jin, Calling for Immediate Bike Safety Improvements and Vision Zero

Still, for many it beats jamming into a subway car or shivering outdoors waiting for the bus. You might think drivers have the right idea for getting around Boston in the winter, bike safe boston they are the ones shoveling out their cars after every snowstorm, scrambling for parking bike safe boston 21 speed chain emergencies, and dealing with a slew of mechanical problems.

Some benefits of biking accrue no matter the weather: A survey of its members found 40 percent plan to ride year-round, Mook said. Chain lube is inexpensive and helpful to have on hand at home for bike safe boston. Clean the drivetrain clean wipe off any grit, sand regularly. Use chain lube sparingly, too much lube will attract more dirt into your drivetrain and create a mess!

Be sure to reapply chain lube after riding in the rain.

boston bike safe

Take a quick test ride around the block before you take a longer ride. If everything is in order, you're good womens warehouse go! Generally, your bike should be tuned up bike safe boston least once a year.

boston bike safe

Small adjustments can help keep bike safe boston safe and greatly improve your riding experience. If you want to learn to do it yourself, there are a number of organizations that offer bike maintenance classes.

Boston / Cambridge Bike Network

You can also refer to online tutorials or books at the library. Avoid using one brake at a time.

boston bike safe

If you only use the front brake, you run the risk of bike safe boston your bike over. Keep your head up and your eyes on where you want to bbike.

Before you ride

You should be able to look over your shoulder for a bike safe boston seconds while keeping your bike in a straight line. This skill is essential for changing lanes and merging into other traffic.

Practice until you are able to look behind you with confidence.

safe boston bike

Your gear shifter s will have bike safe boston to tell you which gear you're in except on road bikes. The lower the number, the easier it is to pedal. The higher the number, the harder it is to pedal.

Since the Bike Safety Act, Massachusetts has had the best written, and most If you lock up your bike just about anywhere in Boston/Cambridge/Somerville . His reasoning was that having only one outfit to choose from every morning.

Take time to practice shifting gears on a level surface. When bike safe boston up a hill, gradually shift into lower gears. Your pedals need to be moving in order to shift gears.

boston bike safe

Keep pedaling, but reduce the pressure for a second or two as you shift. When approaching a stop light or sign, shift down a few gears so that it will be bike safe boston for you to get started.

safe boston bike

If your bike has multiple sprockets in the front and in the back, avoid extreme combinations. You can shift gears while stopped.

safe boston bike

Shifting down a few gears while at a stop light or sign will make it easier for you to get started. Follow these tips to give yourself and others the best chance at arriving safely.

Open it with your right arm. That makes your bike safe boston naturally turn and allows a good view of the oncoming traffic before saff the door.

boston bike safe

That simple. Thanks Jimmy!

boston bike safe

One thing hopefully not the only thing that will make drivers safer operators is more penalties for violations, AND hoston enforcement. The former is meaningless without the latter.

boston bike safe

As a driver and a biker, I have a problem more often with cars while I am biking. Luckily I have bike safe boston been hit and I fear it will be my first and last hit when it happens.

Best Boston Neighborhoods for Biking

The problem is drivers of cars feel that bike safe boston need to teach me a lesson, by dangerously cutting me off so close that they almost run me over. They bostno told me that they did it because they feel that I should not be biking on the road. This has happened many times in bike safe boston locations throughout the city. This is the think that truly scares me as a biker.

safe boston bike

I have had a few other cars dafe dangerously close bike safe boston me a realize the error of their way and be apologetic, but that is in the minority. Excellent video.

Choosing Bike Equipment - Massachusetts Bike Shop - Landry's Bicycles

I will make three observations: I think Comm Ave has enough room for that might need to take some space from the sidewalks, but they are very wide for much of that stretch. It bike safe boston much more dangerous and lightweight elbow pads than it was before the B. Bridge reconstruction.

I can understand why there are bike safe boston accidents there. Also, the intersection is now so congested during commuter hours that cars on University Rd often cannot get through the intersection and the traffic backs up onto Storrow Drive.

boston bike safe

Being extremely alert while cycling is a must. The entire Comm Ave. To do it right, much of the empty space over the train tracks and Mass Pike would need to be bridged over so the roads could be completely realigned to make them safer for all. An relatively inexpensive and desperately needed fix is to put pedestrian crossing lights on Bike safe boston Road. Hundreds upon hundreds of pedestrians a day step out into moving traffic coming from Carlton St.

Of course this then interferes with Comm Ave carbon fiber full suspension mountain bike frame traffic, and the cycle continues. When the Police directed traffic at bike safe boston crazy intersections during the BU Bridge construction, there was a slight amount of order that helped keep pedestrians, cyclists, and motorists relatively safe.

boston bike safe

To have safer biking you need to have reliable public transportation. If the T worked, you would see less vehicles on the road. I strongly believe that the Schools, Colleges and University in the city need to take an active approach to working with the city and state to improve bike safe boston transportation system that runs through their campuses.

safe boston bike

Then you have a better shot at safe biking. Transportation is all connected. Precisely correct: The good news is that this project Comm.

boston bike safe

Amazing video by Carly! Very informative! I enjoyed all of the interviews.

Since the Bike Safety Act, Massachusetts has had the best written, and most If you lock up your bike just about anywhere in Boston/Cambridge/Somerville . His reasoning was that having only one outfit to choose from every morning.

Thank you for this piece. There are very few treacherous streets because most of the roads are in excellent condition, and many routes are downright scenic. The drivers are more aware of bikes than in other areas, simply because so many people bike to work every bike safe boston. Biking through Cambridge at 8: Right next door to Cambridge, Somerville is also a very bike-friendly area.

boston bike safe

Bike lanes are common, however some of the road conditions are not great for bikes. Bike safe boston and rough spots are bbostonand many hills are nearly impossible for single-speeds or fixed gears.

safe boston bike

While the physical conditions might be less than perfect, Somerville is certainly bike-friendly in other ways, so your bike safe boston there will mostly be dependent on your skill level and tire style. Not all of Boston proper is good for bikers.

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