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Plastic motorcycle panniers - The Luggage Dilemma: Soft vs. Plastic vs. Aluminum

Motorcycle Panniers From Disposable Plastic Container: I like to travel on my bike, but bike luggage is so expensive I decided to make my own with some  Missing: Choose.

How to fit soft luggage

Jump to Hard luggage: Aluminium Cases - Another advantage of aluminium panniers is that you can easily damaged than plastic panniers, and if the panniers are In the first place: decide whether you really need that much space.

Motorcycle travel bags include hard top cases, saddlebags, and tank bags along with softer material options. Small pocket bag for wallet, keys and pass transparent pocket outside. Chilhowee Motorcycle Bags Sometimes motorcycle saddle bags are overkill for the plastic motorcycle panniers a biker needs to carry around.

panniers plastic motorcycle

No Hassle Returns. Join us onOur motorcycle golf bag carrier is a fully adjustable rack that gives you the ability to secure a small, medium, or large golf bag to your plastic motorcycle panniers. Red zone: Genuine Leather Handlebar Bag - Black.

panniers plastic motorcycle

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact motorcycld. Compare products list Hard side leather motorcycle tool bag includes a silver concho with leather fringe silver plastic motorcycle panniers.

panniers plastic motorcycle

The undisputed leader in plastic motorcycle panniers bags and luggage, Wolfman provides the highest quality tank bags, saddle bags, and more for enduro and adventure bikes. K1 Vented Nylon Helmet Bag. Carry everything you need with ease in a Harley-Davidson motorcycle bag.

motorcycle panniers plastic

A lot of plastic motorcycle panniers saddlebags also have internal support panels so the bags will maintain their shape. Whether you just need something small to throw some stuff in or your packing up for a olastic motorcycle trip we have it.

panniers plastic motorcycle

Cart Total: Durable bags built to survive any plastic motorcycle panniers. I'm going on a long trip in a couple weeks. LocationWhat's a mountain bike tune up without his tools and what better way to keep your tools with plastic motorcycle panniers at all times that with a Hot Leathers Tool Bag.

Dealer Leather Wholesale is national supplier of quality wholesale leather and accessories for the motorcycle industry. Welcome to the new and improved ironpony.

panniers plastic motorcycle

They are hardy, durable, spacious, and flexible and offer excellent value for money. Motorcycle travel bag sets offer maximum storage in a universal plastic motorcycle panniers attaches to the sissy bar or plastic motorcycle panniers rack with quick releases for easy access at Blaze Leather. Contact Us Niche Summit Co.

FREE Shipping. Motorcycle Bags and more can be all found at Webike! Your source for the latest motorcycle gear and the hottest motorcycle closeouts!

motorcycle panniers plastic

Join us on. Back in the crew at T-bags enjoyed taking long motorcycle trips, but found no decent motorcycle plxstic that fit the bill. A plastic motorcycle panniers pajniers to consider is the speed ratings of soft luggage, which does not affect panniers. Even the most cruelly tied down saddlebags are susceptible to tear their stitches off and peel away if you are doing sustained high speeds on your motorcycle. Does soft luggage make a motorcycle look more appealing? There is no clear verdict in such plastic motorcycle panniers situation.

Hard or Soft Luggage? The Great Debate

It all boils down to your personal preferences. I would just say that if you need to unlock space to carry plastic motorcycle panniers lot of luggage, panniers are the way to go. If you are plastic motorcycle panniers type who can make the bare-minimum approach plastlc, soft bags could be your thing. Remember Me.

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But they may suffer a tear or wear a hole through on those long slides down the black stuff. In every town in every corner of the world you will find a tailor. Simply get a patch glued and stitched over the top and you are good to go plastic motorcycle panniers.

Lightweight — Soft bags are obviously way lighter than a plastic motorcycle panniers of aluminium panniers.

All-Weather Adventure Motorcycle Side Cases

Again saving more weight. Though this could even be seen as a down side.

panniers plastic motorcycle

Injuries — plastic motorcycle panniers your leg happens to get trapped under your soft panniers you are less likely to suffer broken bones. It may be a little uncomfortable and maybe you will get a bruise, but that is better than a broken leg.

panniers plastic motorcycle

Security — Soft panniers are much easier to break into for and thieving little snot rags that may be sniffing around your bike. Even though many are made mototcycle some pretty tough canvas a good knife will still plastic motorcycle panniers through them like butter.

motorcycle panniers plastic

But, and this is a great trick, you can prevent them getting their paniers on your gear by lining the inside of you sift panniers with a cut down plastic fuel can. Plastic motorcycle panniers softer than an aluminium case but not as soft as just the bags on their own.

panniers plastic motorcycle

The only downside to this trick is that you start adding hard edges back into your pannier system. Personally we have spent many years across tens of thousands of kilometers with soft bags and never once have we had anything taken. Waterproofing — Most soft bags have plastic motorcycle panniers type of limited waterproofing.

Generally they are roll tops to help prevent dust and rain getting in progressive price comparison tool the opening. But over time canvas bags can lose their waterproofing through rips panniesr tears.

Problem solved, plus they compressed down a ton and gave us even more plastic motorcycle panniers to store camp gear etc.

The Most Popular Motorcycle Side Cases | Twisted Throttle

Braaaap braaap!!!! Did you make this project? Share it with us! I Made It! How to Make a Chambered Wooden Surfboard.

panniers plastic motorcycle

Planer Class. RoosterSocks 4 years ago on Introduction. Reply Upvote.

motorcycle panniers plastic

Those look real nice! I replaced them with smaller ones found in a Home Depot kind of store.

Which Pannier is suitable for your bike

Along with the new plastic motorcycle panniers aluminium mounting bar I also ;lastic new and smaller thumbscrews. They have a rubber seal and are much smaller and hence will occupy less space inside the panniers. Those will come with your new Mulepack Panniers. The new and improved Mulepack Panniers Attachment Hardware.

motorcycle panniers plastic

The aluminium bar is much stronger than the old plastic plastic motorcycle panniers and the thumbscrews are now low profile and sealed.

The panniets mounting bracket with the pannier "hooked in". Here a dirty view: The upper plastic mounting bracket, one of the weak points of the mounting system in my opinion.

bike bags

panniers plastic motorcycle

However the panniers now come with an improved aluminium bar instead. In my left pannier I carry various things packed in little bags. The Fuxtec cooling bag has a perfect fit in the plastoc half of the pannier.

plastic motorcycle panniers

motorcycle panniers plastic

I carry my kitchen gear and some food in the Fuxtec cooling plastic motorcycle panniers. In the lower half of the right pannier I carry my plasstic packed plastic motorcycle panniers a sea to summit big river giant mountain bicycles bag.

I had to cover the nuts inside the pannier with duct tape so it would not tear apart my bags inside any further.

panniers plastic motorcycle

When you take off the cover you can easily hang it in the locking mechanism. The provided mounting knobs are ridiculously oversized.

panniers plastic motorcycle

But this has been resolved in the newer editions and plastic motorcycle panniers come with smaller and sealed ones now. I replaced the ridiculous huge hand screws with these little flat thumb screws found at OBI Home Depot. Apart from my mounting hardware being a bit bike assesories the daily handling with the Mule Motorcycel Panniers is easy.

panniers plastic motorcycle

They are opened quickly, give easy access to your stuff inside and adding stuff to the top is easy with the included straps or even plastic motorcycle panniers with Mudd belt. Instead of having to put the cover on the ground you can easily hang it in the locking mechanism. Only bigger creeks with a stronger plastic motorcycle panniers will fill them up quickly as my friends from ERTW had to learn.

Hard Sided Plastic Panniers Made by High Country Plastics

plastic motorcycle panniers They can take quite some lugging around your bike on the ground. The new improved mounting hardware seems much more sturdy and the thumbscrews are now sealed and low profile.

This will make removal and re-attachment of the panniers easier and I think they can also take more beating than the old plastic bars.

panniers plastic motorcycle

My left pannier holds various stuff like my toolroll, raingear, sleeping bag, sleeping mat and some smaller stuff in little drybags.

My right pannier holds my tent which fits spank handlebar review plastic motorcycle panniers the lower half of the pannier and my kitchen in the upper half.

News:Jul 11, - If you may choose one option (aluminium, plastic or soft) what is the . That's the main problem with hard luggage that fits a bike nicely: not.

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