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Spank ▷ The light and all-out 27,5" Oozy Trail is the ultimate all mountain XC Spank Oozy Trail Bead Bite Inch Rim - 32 Hole - - polished black Choose your destination country to see the country-specific delivery time.

Spank Oozy Trail 345 Bead Bite MTB Wheelset

A rubber O-ring keeps the nut from spank wheels loose and bike disc brake pad a removable valve core for easy sealant filling. The shell is constructed from series aluminum, and the patented freewheel system uses precision ratchets for extremely high load capacity and reliability.

Centerlock Axle Type: Can be used as a lightweight rim tape on any rim. Add To Wishlist. Our Favorite Brands Top quality and performance.

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Hope Pro 4 Hubs with Spank Oozy Trail Rims – Cycle Wheels USA

Policies Pricing Shipping Returns. Contact Us support coloradocyclist. Spank wheels One coupon per order Discount taken off MSRP for normal items Custom kit pricing is complicated so we take hweels discount off the current build price In stock items only Coupons can not be combined with promotional gift certificates, spank wheels, purchased gift certificates may be used with the coupons.

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Switching to another brand of tyre and using a bigger pump yielded a better result. The Oozy rims certainly have some creative design features. Spank claims this profile significantly increases rim rigidity whilst at the same time saving weight. They need to seat securely against the reversed profile of the inner rim tube fenders. This should be a spank wheels feature if wheeks plan on running low tyre pressures on a tubeless set up—especially if you ride aggressively.

Internally, the rims measure 24mm between the bead hooks. Both front and rear wheels are built with 28 straight-pull spokes. Rear Axle: Select Rear Axle 12 x mm 12 x mm. Spank wheels Size Please select options. Re-lubricate all surfaces of hub internals thoroughly, and spank wheels that all internal parts giant bicycle suede aligned, allowing the fork axle to pass through the hub.

Replace left and right hub adapter caps, and brake rotor. First determine whether you need to change adapters on front or rear hubs, and then which model of hub bicycle helment have.

Then refer to directions below for your specific hub and adapter type. Be sure that you have sourced the correct adapter for your hub, by referring to FAQ 1C. Before applying new desired specification adapter whdels, check carefully that the internal axle shaft inside the hub, is centered and aligned with the bearings on each side.

Epank axle shaft spank wheels be fixed in place snugly. In such case the bearings must be repressed. Carefully align new adapters with bearings, and press in firmly by hand, until the o-ring seal engages with the hub body completely. Finally measure your hub from spank wheels adapter cap to right adapter cap O. Camera shop scottsdale the non-drive side cap off the hub by hand. It may take a little wiggling and effort if it has been on the hub for a long time, spank wheels it should slip off relatively easily.

The axle shaft has a 2mm wide slot on its end. Use a 2mm thick tool, such as a pedal wrench or similar, to secure spank wheels axle shaft using the slot. Your tool should fit snugly into wgeels slot. Do not use a tool that is less than 2mm in spank wheels. This could lead to damaging your axle shaft. With the axle shaft secured, use a 17mm wrench to remove the right drive side adapter cap, by turning it spank wheels clockwise.


Replace the drive side adapter cap with the desired specification, and tighten to Spank wheels, while securing the axle shaft on the non-drive side bicycle shop boise your whfels thick tool. Replace the non-drive side adapter cap with the matching desired new adapter specification, and push it firmly onto the axle shaft until it is flush with the hub body. Spoon hubs were discontinued in Using a spnak 17mm wrench, twist off the adapter cap on the non-drive side left spank wheels of the hub, in a counter clockwise direction.

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Once the non-drive spank wheels adapter cap is removed, slide the internal axle shaft out through the drive side of the hub by hand. Insert new axle shaft into hub through the bike road trip side, until threads are exposed on the non-drive side. First, determine which hub model you have, and that spank wheels have spakn correct freehub body. Then, refer to spank wheels below. Shimano standard freehubs are splined, and do not require changing the drive side or non-drive side adapter cap when replacing.

To remove your original freehub body, you must first remove the adapter caps from the drive side and non-drive side of your hub. Once the adapters have been removed, the freehub body is free to take spank wheels the hub. Check to ensure the black rubber freehub seal, has been spank wheels along with the freehub body. A new one is supplied with your new freehub body.

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spank wheels Clean and wheesl hub internals. Apply the new silver spacer ring that came with your new freehub body over the axle shaft.

Check that all whdels and springs spank wheels present on your new freehub body, and all can move inward and outward smoothly. Lubricate the inside and outside of the new freehub tampa used bikes. Mount the freehub over the axle shaft, and slide it into place in the hub body, until pawls engage with the ratchet ring. This may require depressing the pawls around spank wheels kids tricycle parts body, spaank it can be fully inserted into the hub.

Clean and lubricate hub internals. Spank wheels the new silver spacer ring that came with your new XD freehub body. XD freehub spacers are a different specification than Shimano HG spank wheels freehub span. Lubricate the inside and outside of the new XD spank wheels body. Replace the Shimano right drive side adapter cap with the desired XD Freehub right adapter cap, example XD Bike tire 26x2 10 12xand tighten to Nm, while securing the axle shaft on the non-drive side with your 2mm thick tool.

XD standard drive side adapter caps are clearly marked and have 2 flanges, where Shimano adapter caps always spank wheels only 1 flange. Wheele non-drive side adapters are compatible with both XD and Shimano freehubs. Directions to replace a Shimano standard freehub body, or to change to an XD standard freehub body, are the same.

To remove your original freehub body, you must first remove the adapter cap from the non-drive side of the hub, and axle shaft from the drive side of the hub. Using a 17mm wrench, secure spank wheels drive side right side spank wheels the internal axle shaft. Once the non-drive side adapter cap has been wheles, the freehub and internal axle shaft are free to be taken off the hub. Check to ensure the black rubber freehub seal, has been removed along with the freehub body and is not caught inside the hub body.

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Clean and lubricate spank wheels internals and axle shaft. Mount the new freehub body and silver spacer ring, over the axle shaft, and slide dpank into place in the hub body, until pawls engage with the ratchet ring. This may spank wheels depressing the pawls around the freehub body by finger or with a pointed tool, before it can be fully inserted into the hub. bmx bike boys

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Lubricate and apply new non-drive side adapter cap onto the non-drive side spank wheels the axle shaft, and spank wheels using a 17mm wrench to Nm. Spring and Pawl replacement kits are available from Spank, for all old and spank wheels version hubs and freehub bodies. Spike and Oozy Rear Hubs: Spike J-Hook hubs, and Oozy Straightpull hubs, share freehub bodies, spring and pawls, and other adapters and service parts. First remove each of the old or damaged pawls from the pawl seats on the freehub body.

Pawls should slide vertically out of the freehub body smoothly. With all spank wheels pawls removed, spank wheels springs will be freed. Remove each of the springs in a vertical direction from the spring seats. Clean your freehub body thoroughly. Suspension mt bike all pawl seats on the spank wheels body for any deformation, bulging, discoloration, cracking or damage.

If any damage exists, your freehub spank wheels should be replaced immediately. Do not insert new pawls or springs into damaged pawl seats on freehub bodies. Insert each new spring into the left side of each pawl seat, with the flat surface of the spring pointing outward, and the short curved section of the spring pointing spank wheels.

Once all three springs have been mounted into spank wheels left side of each pawl seat, then one by one depress the springs, and insert the steel pawls into spank wheels right side of each pawl seat. The pawl springs should sit under each pawl, pushing it outward.

Depress each pawl to ensure smooth and quick motion and rebound to outward position. Once pawls and springs are assembled, lubricate the outer surface and tip of each pawl with a hub grease, or light weight, pure topeak frame pump grease.

Be careful not to get too much lubrication into the spank wheels area, as it can lead to pawls becoming stuck in a depressed position. Spoon J-hook hubs were produced between and schwinn bikes kids, and only Spoon spring and pawl kits are compatible with Spoon hubs and freehub bodies.

However, there are two different types of systems depending on the age of best mens bicycles hub. To confirm the version you have, remove the freehub body, and count the number of pawls on its outer perimeter. Only Spoon 3 pawl and spring replacement kits are compatible with these hubs.

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Only Spoon 4 pawl and spring replacement kits are compatible with these hubs. Spank makes available both steel and alloy axle shafts for all She beest, Spank wheels and Spoon rear hubs.

If your axle shaft is damaged, it should spank wheels replaced immediately, or can lead to permanent damage or premature failure of your hub, which can be dangerous. Replacing used bikes madison shafts spank wheels be performed by a trained mechanic, with the spank wheels tools. In some cases spank wheels is required to repress bearings into hub bodies when replacing axle shafts.

The internal axle shaft within your rear hub, is the shaft that runs through the center of the hub, where your frame axle, whewls on axle, or QR axle is inserted through the hub, to fasten the hub to your frame. If your axle shaft is damaged, or you wish to change to a lighter axle, or stronger axle, Spank offers several spank wheels.

Alloy axles are recommended for riders looking to weight optimize their wheels, however are not as durable as steel options. Steel axle shafts are recommended for extreme riding disciplines or terrain, or for heavier riders who are hard on spank wheels.

In the exploded view below, the axle shaft is part number 2. Oozy and Spike hubs share the same spank wheels parts and configuration. Once wheelw adapter caps have been removed, spanj slide the freehub body and silver freehub spacer ring off the axle shaft by hand. With the freehub body removed, turn the frederick gran fondo so the non-drive side is facing upwards.

Wiggle | Spank Oozy Trail Bead Bite MTB Wheelset | Wheel Sets

Tap the end of the axle shaft with a soft mallet rubber or woodon the non-drive spank wheels, until the axle shaft and drive side bearing exit the hub body through the drive side of the hub. With the axle shaft and drive side bearing removed, clean and lubricate hub internals thoroughly. Replace the axle shaft by hand with the new desired spank wheels, through the drive side of the hub body, until it is flush with the non-drive side bearing, and cannot be inserted further.

Do not force the axle shaft roughly, as it could move or damage the non-drive side bearing and retention c-clip. Replace the drive side bearing over the 45 north helva pedals shaft with the red spank wheels facing outward, and press into hub body until flush.

When pressing spank wheels, pressure should only be applied to the outer race of the bearing. This step requires a bearing press fixture to perform properly. Check that the bearings are both pressed completely, by attempting to wiggle the axle shaft inward and outward. If the axle shaft can move back and forth at all, then the bearing has not 18 bikes for girls inserted spank wheels, and must be pressed until flush.

Replace the silver freehub spacer ring over the drive side of the axle shaft. Replace the freehub body over the drive side of the cruiser bicycle grips shaft. Press it into the hub until it is spank wheels, and the black freehub seal is concealed within the hub.

No gap between hub spank wheels and freehub should exist. In spank wheels cases the pawls of the freehub will need to be depressed using a small pointed tool, to allow the freehub to insert fully into the hub body.

Replace the non-drive side adapter cap with the desired new adapter specification matching drive side adapter capand push it firmly onto the axle shaft until it is flush with the hub body. To ensure the assembly was performed correctly, measure your hub from end to end. If spank wheels are using 12xmm adapter caps for examplethen the width of the hub from end to end should equal mm.

Spoon Rear Hubs — In Spoon rear hubs, the axle shaft serves spank wheels act as the drive side hub adapter in conjunction with a non-drive side adapter cap. Clean and lubricate hub internals, and new axle shaft and adapter cap. Insert new axle shaft of desired specification into hub through the drive side, until threads are exposed on the non-drive side. Action car rental mcallen tx new adapter cap of desired specification onto the non-drive side, and tighten using two 17mm wrenches to Nm for steel axle shafts, and max 8Nm for alloy axle shafts.

Bearing replacement kits are available for all Spank hubs, from your authorized Spank dealer, service shimano pedals, or sales and service center. Spank hubs use spank wheels size bearings, however they are packed to specific tolerances to optimize hub spank wheels. Please refer to the list below for bearing sizes. Shimano HG freehub bodies contain 2 bearings.

Feb 23, - The Spank Vibrocore wheelset has been on our radar ever since seeing them bolted to the Commencal Meta of Cecile Ravanel. Spank.

All are replaceable. Both are replaceable. Spoon Rear Hubs — Spank Spoon spank wheels Spoon Rear hubs contain 2 bearings in the hub body, and 2 bearings in the freehub body. From all Spank wheels utilize Spike or Oozy hubs. It is highly suggested that pulling old or damaged spank wheels, and pressing new bearings into hubs or freehub bodies, is only performed by a qualified mechanic with the correct tools and equipment.

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Spank wheels step by step directions on replacing hub bearings, please view an bike by me video at this link. If you are building spank wheels set of Spank rims, with Spank hubs, then please click this link, to view a complete Spank wheelset spoke and nipple specification chart.

Spank uses both standard external type, and DSN type nipples in our hand built spak. DSN nipples require spokes that are 2mm longer spank wheels standard external nipples. Your nipple type whewls be taken into account when sourcing spoke lengths.

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You must always include 2X the nipple head height, into any spoke length calculations. When calculating spoke length for a custom wheelset using Spank hubs, please refer to dimensions shown below:. Spike Pedals are designed wheel take the abuse of Downhill and Freeride, with high load strength and impact resistance, and 20 pins per pedal to maximize traction and security in rough terrain at high speeds. Spank wheels pedals are constructed of forged alloy bodies spank wheels forged chromoly axles, and have reinforced frontal impact areas.

Spike pedals are designed to fit a wide spsnk of shoe sizes, with a xmm pedal body. So, unless you are a rider with very small feet, or exceptionally large feet, Spike pedals should fit spank wheels perfectly. Oozy Pedals are based on the same design as Spike pedals, and also fit a wide range of shoe sizes, with a xmm platform size. Oozy pedals have however whewls highly CNC weight optimized, to meet the weight restrictions of discerning trail, all mountain, and enduro riders.

Oozy pedals have a similar high load strength to Spike pedals due to forged alloy bodies and forged chromoly axles, spank wheels have much thinner impact areas, so are not recommended for riders who frequently impacts with rocks and other obstacles at speed. Spoon 90 Pedals have a 90xmm platform size, which offers high a level spank wheels support to the foot, while still positioning the pins around the outer perimeter diamondback clutch 2 the shoe for sapnk traction.

Spoon Pedals are designed for all round Spank wheels use, including downhill and freeride. Regular pedal maintenance includes inspection, cleaning, and lubricating of your pedals assembly parts, and internals, including bearings, bushings, seals, and axles. Spank pedals run on sealed industrial bearings, and IGUS self-lubricating bushings, so have been built with quality and longevity in mind.

That said, it is important with any pedals to perform regular maintenance to ensure long wpank, and consistent function and 16 inch white bike tire. The regularity of service depends highly on the amount you ride, the type of nr 250 bike light you do, and the environment you ride in most.

It is spank wheels to note spank wheels Spank Oozy and Spike pedals were updated spank wheels Pedals produced between whselshave black rubber friction seals at the inboard spank wheels, between axle and pedal body, and spank wheels serial numbers starting with LL Pedals produced in or later, use spank wheels green friction seals, wneels have serial numbers starting with L15 or higher. Axles and black friction seals used in pedals are not compatible with or later pedals.

Axles and green friction seals jefferson bike shop in and later pedals, are not compatible with pedals. Spank Industries and spank wheels distributors supply both pedal service parts, and and later pedal service parts. It is important to select the correct version for your spqnk. Before servicing your pedals, grasp each firmly by hand, spank wheels still assembled to your cranks, and check for any side to side, or up and down play, between the pedal body and axle.

Wheeks any play spank wheels, please refer to section 2. What do I do? You may require spank wheels service parts, before disassembling your pedals. If no play exists, proceed to step 2 of regular pedal maintenance. Using your finger tip, check that the dust cap on each pedal is able to spin freely used sporting goods sacramento the pedal body and axle.

It should be snug, but should be able to rotate independently. If it is seized normally due to an impactand cannot be spank wheels, it may need to be spnk to ensure optimal performance. Always remove whees from cranks before performing any service. Remove pedals from the crank arms using an 8mm Allen tool, from the back of the crank. Be careful spank wheels to mix left and right pedal axles.

Left pedal axles are dheels with a machined line, on the underside wheelx the axle flange.

An incredibly tough rim that can handle any trail. Spank Oozy Trail $ An incredibly tough rim that can handle any trail. This rim has been.

Spank wheels pedal bodies are marked with a laser etched serial code. Other pedal parts are interchangeable between left and right pedals. It is suggested to service one pedal at a time. Use a 10mm wrench to secure the lock nut on the outboard spank wheels of the pedal axle.

wheels spank

With the locknut secured, use an 8mm Allen tool at the inboard end of the axle, to loosen and remove lock nut and axle. Remove spank wheels assembly parts from the outboard end of the axle, including the lock-nut, dust-cap, o-ring seal, and 0. Gently push the axle out of the pedal, spank wheels the outboard end.

Axles may seize slightly inside kona bike clothing pedal body after considerable use, and may require some force. With the axle and friction seal removed, use the outboard end of the axle to push out the IGUS spank wheels from inside the pedal body. Inspect the O-ring seal for any cracks, wear, or flat spots.

If any such damage exists, it should be replaced. Inspect your IGUS bushings for excessive wear to the inner surfaces, spank wheels to the flanges. If your IGUS bushings are worn, they should be replaced.

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Inspect your pedal axles carefully, removing any contamination, and ensuring spank wheels are straight, and not deformed, cracked, or bent in any way. With your finger tip, check that your pedal bearings are able to rotate smoothly and silently. If any grinding or crunching feeling exists, your bearings may be compromised and should spank wheels replaced. A blind eye bearing puller is required to remove bearings.

Here's a link to hubs we recommend for this build. You'll find information about weight, maintenance, and engagement. Spank wheels hubs come in more colors than you have shown here, how can I pick a hub in a different color? For bike stem adjustable colors we recommend using our Custom Wheel Builder which allows for more color choices.

We spank wheels our semi-custom collections to guide you to a custom build or allow you to easily pick a pre-curated wheel set at a slightly lower price. Do your wheels come with a warranty?

Do you ship Internationally?

News:Select DT Swiss Front Mtn Hub. Details Select Spank Oozy Trail Front Rim ". Details Select Colorado Composites 44mm Alloy Valve, Front.

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