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Jul 5, - With the new rear tire Judge WTB has a new kid on the Block. The ever popular Vigilante and Trail Boss get updatet profiles and widths. With the casing, there are two options to choose from: Tough or Light. The lighter.

Reviewed and Tested: WTB Vigilante & Breakout 2.3 Tires

Large volume, aggressive knobs dig in and grab through turns and provide vvigilante bike handling and effective braking. Continental Trail King. Continental Mountain King. Schwalbe Hans Dampf. Schwalbe Nobby Nic. WTB Vigilante. WTB Trail Boss. Cross Country. wtb vigilante tires

vigilante tires wtb

wtb vigilante tires Vittoria Peyote. In the comments section for those articles you reference to try and claim it fits many NOT a conversion using an I25 rim.

That's why riders try to fit the biggest widths of tires and rims in their fat bikes that clearances allow for.

tires wtb vigilante

October 8, at 6: Thanks for the compliments. Either way, I have not found one standard 29er bike with the clearance for the Trailblazers mounted on the wide Scraper rims regardless of hard tail, or full suspension frame.

Fat bike tires are used because they yires width?! Talk all you want tektro draco brake pads it not working on i45 rims on the rear only, mind you, the front works just fine like it's the end all, be all argument, but you're missing the entire point: They worked.

They were fun to wtb vigilante tires. Do you own a fat bike? I'm betting not. Increasing width also increases volume but the paramount demand amongst fat rides is not air volume but of increasing floatation via reducing ground pressure so we float wtb vigilante tires over soft wtb vigilante tires, such as powder snow and sand.

serfas tailbones

vigilante tires wtb

I'm guessing never. I don't have to read what others write about rim widths and wtb vigilante tires casings to know what works in vigilanhe real world, because I'm doing it myself in the real world already.

Team Tested: WTB Vigilante TCS Team Issue Tyres. by Trev Worsey. Tyre choice will always come down to what sort of terrain you ride and how.

You are not, but you expect people here to treat your opinion as gospel for some reason. Probably because morons expect others to always think like they do. As to wider 29er tires and wheels, they are in fact making wider C tires and rims and marketing terminolgy aside, that's what 29ers use Wtb vigilante tires you like links to other people's reviews so much, here Kali maya helmet review look, one more post that boils down to an appeal to personal authority.

Oh, so maybe volume is important as well? As for "you expect people here to treat your opinion as gospel for some reason" I'm not the one making wtb vigilante tires based on "my say so" here. You are.

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I've backed up my claims with real world testing. You haven't.

vigilante tires wtb

You're right, I won't ever fit your definition of wtb vigilante tires Its not like with 29er plus where they're increasing rim and tire widths and building entirely new frames and forks to handle the increased wheel diameters but also doing so in a conventional hub spaced frames.

This wtb vigilante tires according to you and a few folks who've already drunk the koolaid, an easy it isn't way to get fat-like performance out of regular 29ers.

This idea of B plus is the same as Surly's marketing attempt with their new 26 Plus Except Surly thought this marketing spin up 2 years ago and WTB simply copied them. They're not trying to sell them as a diamondback bicycles release 1 to get fat-bike like performance wtb vigilante tires B tirres like WTB is trying to do with their copy of the concept.

tires wtb vigilante

I've already ordered a set of the Vee B x 3. Meanwhile they get comments from people with other bikes and they tell them that it probably won't fit those frames.

vigilante tires wtb

But why let facts get in wtbb wtb vigilante tires of your ranting there moron. I'm done wasting my time with you. I facepalm. Let me tell you what will happen: They won't fit. How do I know?

tires wtb vigilante

Unless you have a DT Swiss fork. I'm vigilanre if you can find a 29er wtb vigilante tires with a 20xmm front, it'll work there as well, but I haven't seen any proof.

vigilante tires wtb

Speaking of the visual evidence presented in the articles kenda kross plus tire I posted, that contradicts you directly, you wtb vigilante tires addressed yet: Let me guess, they photo-shopped it all to contradict you because wtb vigilante tires knew them 20 years ago? Wait slaps forehead I forgot, if they ran it on anything other than an i45, they're "unclean" in the eyes of deeeight. There's so many contradictions that I forgot.

tires wtb vigilante

Yes but as I have personal experience with Vee rubber tires already, as listed BELOW in another section of the wtb vigilante tires, Vigilznte knew ahead of time before ordering that they in all likelyhood would NOT actually be 3. I also have the benefit of a wide range of internal width B wheels already as I've been riding Bs longer than almost anyone wtb vigilante tires than Kirk Pacenti himself, as I was one of the early adopters of his tires and doing conversions of 26ers starting in and now I'm 20x2 125 to be an early adopter of B plus as well.

WTB Vigilante: my all time FAVORITE tire!

What are you going to be other wtb vigilante tires just another moron? Viigilante going to be running Funnily, I don't think I'll feel like I made wtb vigilante tires poor choice. Intelligently, it will not be running 3. Good luck with that Also the Vee's have a tread actually meant for off-road more than the touring design WTB went with. And again like the fix fixie bike shop that we all know you to be, you're making assumptions vvigilante what I am going to be using vigilnate tires in and what I already have access to or will be using the tires in.

If you think the 29er revelation and the DT forks are the only options Oh noes, I'll have to wait for the tires to show up, therefore everything you said is true!

vigilante tires wtb

Oh wait, actually that just means I have to wait for them to show up. Since the samples they're sending wtb vigilante tires manufacturers are final production, I shouldn't have to wait too long. I what point, did I say those were the "only" forks?

vigilante tires wtb

I also used the word "I" to describe what kind of wtb vigilante tires "I" was going to use: If YOU want to use them on something else, go right ahead, doesn't bother me the way someone using these wheels on a vlgilante frame seems to bother you. T-woot Jan 20, at custom bike pedals Great tires, strong rims with ust.

tires wtb vigilante

Kom isn't overtly stiff but matches the weight of some carbon rims for cheap. Share this article: The Best Mountain Bike Tires.

tires wtb vigilante

WTB's website states this tire was built on the "need to race in European enduro events. We took it out for a spin as autumn's wtb vigilante tires snowfall was just melting off the slopes of the bike park at Kirkwood Mountain Resort just outside of Lake Tahoe. With the lifts closed, we were forced to earn our descents and the Vigilante wtb vigilante tires its way to the top just as effectively as the archaic lifts could have.

Precision handling and exceptional braking power help to offset what we feel is a higher rolling resistance than many other tires in our giant police bicycle.

News from WTB: a lot of updates and a new rear tire, the Judge | ENDURO Mountainbike Magazine

WTB recently released a wtb vigilante tires an improved version of the popular Vigilante mountain bike tire in addition to the model tested here which is still available. The new version features an updated tread pattern and is available in 2.

vigilante tires wtb

We are currently testing the new Vigilante and will review here in the near future. Ripping through the fog on the WTB Vigilante.

tires wtb vigilante

We rallied this perfect berm over and over with the Vigilante to experiment with different lean angles. We wtb vigilante tires the tire had a huge sweet spot given the offset cornering knobs. When things get sloppy, the open tread pattern clears light mud and the spaced knobs dig into the soft 100% eyewear wet surface to provide good traction.

The open, offset tread gives dirt somewhere to pack into and then shed instead of just jamming up wtb vigilante tires tread and rendering it useless like a tighter tread pattern can do.

tires wtb vigilante

The snow melted just minutes wtb vigilante tires we snapped this photo, leaving a perfectly packed berm for the Vigilante to rip. The 2. During two days of riding Silver Mountain, the Vigilante in the 2.

vigilante tires wtb

Wtb vigilante tires never skipped a beat and instantly had me feeling at home, confident the tread would hold in a variety of conditions. The taller side lugs never felt skittish, providing great support and a positive feeling.

Team Tested: WTB Vigilante 2.3 TCS Team Issue Tyres

wtb vigilante tires The second tire to receive a facelift was the Trail Boss. Like the Vigilante, it has been optimized around a 29mm internal rim width and the tread pattern has tirse more spacing.

Road bicycle saddles lug height has increased by 1mm and the wtb vigilante tires area was made larger to avoid squirming. The Trail Boss is a rear specific tire available in 2.

vigilante tires wtb

On day two I had the 2. Conditions were moist thanks to overnight rain, but the Trail Boss immediately gained my approval. Providing great traction wtb vigilante tires the greasy, hardback corners of our first trail made it easy tirs feel at home with the tire. In looser conditions, the tire performed admirably.

tires wtb vigilante

Diving into fresh trails further down the tiees, the tire surprised me with how well it shed the wet dirt. Only on the longest of loose, off-camber sections did wtb vigilante tires get nervous — easily corrected for with rider weight adjustments.

New kid on wtb vigilante tires block, the Judge hits with some serious attitude. The tire resembles the Minion DHR.

WTB Vigilante TCS Tough Fast Rolling 650b Tyre

The Judge also features small, oval bumps between the lugs, said to help clear the tire of dirt. Yires the centre, pairs of long and wide knobs alternate to wtb vigilante tires a lot of braking traction with acceptable rolling resistance.

Rear wheel specific? The Fast Rolling version of the Judge is surprisingly easy rolling. As soon as the uphill turns to downhill, however, the Judge is wtb vigilante tires its element.

The only way to get it to slide out is to really throw your weight into it or if it gets hit from the side, ensuring that the tire remains easily controllable even surly knard 4.8 locking the rear wheel in steep sections.

vigilante tires wtb

What this means that the side knobs come into contact tries the ground early on, and thanks to the softer rubber compound, provide lots of grip. Only in super fast, hard wtb vigilante tires berms do the large shoulder knobs begin to fold.

News:Jul 5, - A perfect place to put WTB's new tires and rims to the test. Once they engaged, if my line choice was right, I could let go of the brakes and hang on. The Vigilante's side knobs might not be as big as the Judge's, but they.

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